This chapter concentrates on four key academic journal research publications pertaining to sport and the safeguarding of water resources. The value of global water resources is established, along with sport’s dependence on such resources, and the need for sport to safeguard them. Next, journal publications on the topic are outlined, including examinations of athletes and water-borne illnesses and water management issues. Conclusions indicate that there is a paucity of research on this critical topic. Further, guidance is not provided by sport as how to best safeguard its critical water resources. Sport needs to do its part and offer solutions to issues concerning water, this includes awareness of sport’s vulnerability relative to the ongoing and emerging issues affecting water, including from the impacts of climate change, and how sport can develop an adaptive capacity for utilizing and maintaining such water resources. A list of potential future research topics is provided to aid in guiding researchers to complete projects that fill in the knowledge gaps and establish best practices in water management by sport.