Academic journal manuscripts published on winter sports and climate change is the focus of this chapter. The authors revealed the most robust research area within the entirety of sport and environmental sustainability research, and identified what happens to be highest number of published peer-reviewed journal manuscripts. Research manuscripts examined areas such as winter sport season length, projected future impacts of climate change and its implications, and climate adaptation. Importantly, an appendix supplies the reader with a comprehensive list of 75 winter sport and climate change references. However, significant knowledge gaps remain that need to be filled to fully understand the relationship between winter sport and climate change, and the related pathways forward towards sustainability. For instance, geographical imbalances in research currently hinder the global understanding of climate risk and responsiveness across the snow sports industry. Also, investigations on winter sport athlete and coach perspectives on climate change impacts is needed, such as on training opportunities, safety and fairness of competitions, and the response by sporting organizations to provide advance knowledge on the topic.