Pedagogical partnership approaches offer a form of teacher-learner relationship that integrates principles of active student engagement, inclusive teaching, and democratic ways of knowing and being. In this chapter, we introduce the concept of pedagogical partnership, outline the principles of partnership, and offer case studies to support your engagement with students as partners. The chapter invites you to consider how you might involve students in three of the many ways university teachers can work with students as partners: (1) in the co-creation of curriculum, (2) in the co-creation of assessment approaches, and (3) in the co-creation of knowledge through research. After presenting a case study of each of these and a fourth case study that integrates all three, the chapter identifies the challenges such approaches can pose and offers advice regarding how to address those. The chapter invites you to explore how partnership approaches foster shared responsibility and ownership and new forms of student and teacher agency, making all of them more democratic, inclusive, and dynamic.