In this chapter, we provide an overview of the current research on fines and fees in community corrections. Prior research has uncovered the impact and consequences of monetary sanctions for individuals involved in the criminal justice system. However, a relatively small amount of research has examined how this debt specifically impacts individuals under supervision in community corrections. Some scholarship suggests that fines and fees are financially burdensome for individuals who are justice-involved, leading to difficulties managing this debt with their other basic needs. However, the few existing studies are limited and show mixed results on how debt affects various outcomes key to community supervision, including recidivism. They also come from a small handful of states. Addressing this need for further research in this area, we provide an overview of the structure and goals of the multistate, mixed-methods Community Corrections Fines and Fees Study. We conclude with a brief discussion on future directions for research, policy, and practice, which include creating and testing financial assessment instruments, cost-benefit analysis, and accounting for the number of and purpose of all financial sanctions in a given jurisdiction.