In the third golden age of television, with the emergence of the consumption of digital platforms such as SVOD, VOD, and TVOD, the relationship between advertising and TV series has undergone a complete turnaround. The chapter proposes eight new categories of forms of advertising that exist at the crossover point between brand activities, TV series, and audiences: 1) product displacement or meta-advertising, 2) brandchandising, 3) advertainment or factual branding, 4) fandavertising or branding prosumering, 5) fanagement, 6) transmedial spin-offing, 7) transmedial fictional product or fictional branding, and 8) interactive advertising. These categories have been illustrated and explored in various case studies over the last 20 years. In this way, the authors argue that advertising in TV series represents a point of leverage for a profound change in advertising management and perception. The chapter also hints at new advertising trends based on niche markets and on the behavioral patterns and profiling of audiences through digital data. Plus, we consider the importance of fan involvement and experiences in value creation.