This chapter takes a snapshot, accompanied by recommendations and insights, of the theories, methods, and topics that currently dominate in the most cutting-edge journals in advertising, marketing, and branding. We highlight some paramount contemporary ramifications of the renewed paradigm of (behavioral) interactive effects and its input categories and output outcomes. Specifically, the chapter identifies some of the approaches, topics, and methods that are attracting more interest today as a result of these categories and that could fill the agenda for the upcoming decade: the interplay of brand communication and personal and social identities; the global consumer culture; real-time dynamic multisensory information in the forthcoming Internet of Things (IoT); corporate political advocacy and data rights; social and public policies and values; and, in general, the formulation of theories, as well as the application or adaptation of existing ones to the digital sphere. Method consistency and creativity are also discussed in experimental and qualitative designs, as well as the recruitment of participants and problems of method robustness and replication. Closely related, technological and biological opportunities are explored. A point is also made on the absence of cross-disciplinary views and on the limitations of the short-term reduced-effects paradigm.