Self-reflection and use of self must go hand-in-hand. In this chapter, the author proposes the following questions for reflection on the readers' work with clients: How do diverse identities interact with, How do the identities interact with the client’s identities? Is there countertransference behind the decision to follow-up with a client? What is pulling one to follow-up? Is there harm in following up? Is there harm in not following up? Without specific professional guidelines, therapists are left to use clinical judgment regarding treatment follow-up and re-engagement. The author reviews the decisions one can make when following up with a client. She explores a case example and her own use of self in following up with the client. Upon exploration of the possible cultural countertransference that may be impacting the therapist’s re-engagement with the client, the therapist verbalizes feeling guilty because the client is poor and the therapist has an upper-middle-class background.