Ecuador introduced external voting with direct representation in 2007 by creating three overseas electoral districts. The system allows non-resident Ecuadorian citizens to stand as candidates, to elect six emigrant representatives in the national parliament and to participate in five other types of elections. This chapter aims at examining the electoral performance and strategy of MPAIS in the three overseas districts. MPAIS is the most influential political party in contemporary Ecuadorian politics and the party has won most of the emigrant seats between 2007 and 2017. Based on a set of semi-structured interviews, an analysis of election results and a review of party documents, this article finds out that external voting was not only crucial for the party’s electoral and political success but that it also successfully adapted its ideology and its internal structure in order to integrate non-resident voters. Altogether, these elements created a strong and mutually benefiting relation between MPAIS and the Ecuadorians living abroad.