This chapter examines how misogyny impacts the women of the alt-right. The alt-right movement is best understood as a spectrum of hypermasculine extremist groups professing a narrative of racial victimhood. It frames the white race as under threat from various fronts, such as non-white immigration, multiculturalism and the politics of the global left. The alt-right is not only racist and but also deeply misogynistic; prominent alt-right women like Lana Lokteff, Lauren Southern and Ayla Stewart can be simultaneously treated as perpetrators and victims of the movement’s misogyny. While guilty of mongering (and profiting from) anti-feminist hate, they are also being punished for being successful in this effort. Curiously, feminism appears to be a way out for disillusioned women, playing a “redeeming” role in their disengagement or exit from the alt-right. This chapter concludes with a discussion of the implications of the alt-right movement on feminist bioethics.