This chapter presents the Meeting of Knowledges, a decolonising movement that began at the University of Brasília in 2010, and which has already expanded to 20 universities in Brazil, as well as to Colombia, Ecuador, Austria and with prospects to open in Mozambique, Tai-Wan and Australia. Its main focus is to incorporate the vast body of knowledge of our traditional communities (Indigenous, Afro-Brazilian and others) in our universities by inviting the masters of those traditions as temporary lecturers in regular courses, as well as members of research groups, of thesis committees and as co-supervisors of students. So far, more than 150 masters have taught numerous subjects, such as architecture, performing arts, medicinal plants, shamanism, Afro-Brazilian religions, agroecology, crafts, traditional technologies and oral narratives.

The result is a radical decolonisation of the epistemic bases of our universities, from Eurocentric, monoepistemic, monolingual and monocultural institutions to pluricultural, polyglot and plurepistemic ones.