A growing body of research focusses on migration issues for deaf migrants, particularly those in forced migration and resettlements. Despite this, knowledge is limited regarding their situation, opportunities and obstacles in the new host country. In recent years, the Nordic countries have seen a growing number of deaf migrants arriving, many of them for reasons of being in need of protection. And in the encounter between the migrants and the Nordic societies and systems, many things may come into conflict, particularly regarding language policy and education. In this chapter, the challenges deaf migrants may meet when navigating their way in Nordic countries are highlighted: for example, when they must learn both a sign and written language in parallel, and when they have to use national interpreters before they can master the new country’s sign language. The challenges are greater for the migrants with limited educational background who are emerging readers. The chapter concludes that greater awareness and understanding of the deaf migrants’ situation are needed, as well as further research in this field.