This chapter defines the main features of an emerging system of regional governance in ‘Greater Eurasia'. The term ‘regional governance' has no clear-cut definition and has many interpretations. It appears to be a response to the necessity of regulating regional relations in a globalising world. The limits of the concept of regional governance in the existing literature have narrowed the scope of the study. Today, Russia identifies itself as a ‘Eurasian power' and, undoubtedly, the formation of ‘Greater Eurasia' ‘has become a common trope in mainstream Russian foreign policy discourse'. The Ukrainian crisis of 2014 led to the revision of the foundations of Russia's Eurasian strategy. The concept of ‘Greater Eurasia' has become a conceptual framework of contemporary Eurasian integration that expands the integration space beyond the post-Soviet space. China projects itself as a donor of so-called ‘public goods' in the region.