Individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) face a number of barriers to entry in the workplace. Once hired, moreover, challenges for this neurodiverse population do not stop. In this chapter we consider how to support individuals once they cross barriers to employment. Specifically, we consider approaches to performance management and career development that were developed for neurotypical employees and discuss ways in which such approaches must be adjusted for employees with ASD. In addition, we attempt to uncover ways that supervisors can uncover hidden requirements (i.e., those not made explicit) that serve as barriers to employees with ASD. To do so, we utilize literature from the education and school psychology research and the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. Supplementing lessons from outside of I-O Psychology, we also consider what industry is doing to successfully manage employees on the autism spectrum. We close with roles that I-O Psychologists can take to support employment of individuals with ASD.