The Lava Jato Operation will end someday. How should it conclude, and what should come afterwards? This chapter highlights the key objectives the operation should aim to accomplish before its conclusion and how it can shape the anticorruption dialogue in Brazil going forward. More specifically, the chapter focuses on three key issues: first, the chapter considers the future of Brazil’s anticorruption law enforcement institutions and practices, including the question of how experts and institutions that have been created to deal with the Lava Jato case (especially the Task Force) can transmit their accumulated expertise effectively. Second, the chapter considers how to leverage the public attention to the Lava Jato operation in order to push for legal reforms that address the root causes of corruption and weaknesses in existing institutions. Third, the chapter considers the longer-term political and cultural significance of Lava Jato, including how competing narratives about the Operation might shape public opinion about anticorruption in Brazil, as well as the question of how to create a more constructive public dialogue about fighting corruption that preserves the best aspects of the “Lava Jato Spirit.”