This chapter focuses on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) action mechanisms deployed by international companies in Africa. Africa is marked by a number of problems that are expressed as CSR issues: poverty, diseases and pandemics (HIV, Ebola, etc.), corruption, hunger, malnutrition, climate change and so on. The chapter presents the challenges of CSR in Africa as well as its specificities on the international scene. It outlines our methodological approach and our field of investigation: two cases of international companies (a multinational and an international small and medium-sized enterprise) located in Cameroon, “Africa in miniature.” In Africa, does the challenge of such an approach, in the light of African realities, require consideration of their particularities? In the management of the companies studied, the empirical data shows, to varying degrees and convergence, that CSR action mechanisms operate and reflect both a managerial willingness and a response to the pressures of international institutions, employees and civil society.