This chapter seeks to uncover the post-truth politics surrounding trans rights by focusing specifically on the events and discussions surrounding Bill C-16. This chapter focuses on Jordan Peterson and his relation to Bill C-16, and then takes a closer look at the reality of Bill C-16. It then reviews the history of gender in Anglo-Saxon law. Although Peterson may not intentionally align himself with the alt-right, his politics place him adjacent and often times parallel to alt-right lines of thought. In reviewing the imagined reality of Bill C-16, and the grip it exercised on the wider public, especially in light of the storied history of gender in Anglo-Saxon law, it is clear that opposition to the extension of trans rights exists as justified only in these imagined realities; in reality, trans rights are gravely important to trans individuals and do not pose any physical danger to others or abstract danger to conceptions of free speech and liberty—that in fact, and quite obviously, the extension of trans rights is necessary to protect those individuals who are themselves at risk of both such physical and abstract dangers.