In the last decade, there has been a serious attack against the consensus around the academic historiography of the Second Spanish Republic. New right-wing historians have defended that the Spanish Civil War and the Francoism were due to the Left and the Republicans. This turn began with the rise of a new wage of social mobilisation asking for responsibilities and the approval of a historical memory law in favour of the victims of the dictatorship. This triggered a reaction of the right-wing, contrary to any memory or justice towards the victims, launching a historical revision against the memory of the Second Republic. This chapter reflects on the rise and consolidation of this new right that has reinvented the history of the Second Republic to fit its narrative contrary to the Republican past and any historical memory towards the victims, seeking to revise the historical cycle from 1931 to 1977 to get rid of the ‘Burden of History’. This chapter shows how this new right-wing used the historical methodology to reinvent a new narrative against the Second Republic and how this reinvention has played a political role in the narrative of a new emerging right-wing in recent politics in Spain.