This chapter extends the insights of critical pedagogical theorists to argue for a more inclusive, less hierarchical and explicitly relational approach to inquiry characterised by care that is both posthuman and performative. The intellectual journey of this chapter begins with a discussion of what is meant by posthuman in this context, including the significant associated terminology of intra-activity, agential realism, ethico-onto-epistem-ology and the posthuman performative. This brief posthumanist lexicon is followed by a discussion of contemporary care theory with an emphasis on how care ethics is not only compatible with, but flourishes within posthumanist theorising. Given this theoretical grounding, a performative posthuman care ethical approach is offered and which can be described as a never-ending quest for knowledge. This idea of a constant state of inquiry as normative forms the basis for thinking about a supportive caring pedagogy. The conclusion addresses an unspoken yet important underlying theme of a posthuman critical pedagogy of care: humility.