This chapter discusses maritime safety from the perspective of the EEA EFTA countries. For the purposes of this chapter, EEA maritime safety legislation is defined as the acquis included in the EEA Agreement which is applicable in the EEA area, comprised of the EU Member States and the three EFTA states. The scene is set by outlining the historical background of the EEA Agreement, in order to substantiate the reasoning behind how EU law becomes EEA law and why the EU and the EEA acquis may not be identical. Thereafter, the EEA acquis (touching upon both primary and secondary legislation incorporated in Annex XIII of the EEA Agreement), is summarily presented, and the roles of the EFTA Surveillance Authority and the European Maritime Safety Agencies therein, described. As concluding remark, the need for consistency and harmonization in the EEA is highlighted, supporting the view that success is only to be found if a level playing field is established across the EEA.