The resulting change in power dynamics at the Secretariat resulted in contestation between the Complicated, Logical, Ordered, Closed, and Kinetic (CLOCK)-type bureaucracy and Complex, Large, Open, Unpredictable, and Dynamic (CLOUD)-type professionals. The hallmark of the industrial age was “industry” itself. Industries worked mechanically like a CLOCK. The Action Plan and Fund were finally in place after seven years of CLOCK work. To remain relevant to both populations, the participants realized that it was imperative to open up and think outside the CLOCK structure. The bureaucratic CLOCK has long been known as an iron cage, which is hard to mend. Tensions between the CLOCK shareholders and CLOUD stakeholders rise during any IGO reform process. The CLOUD group is an early adopter and comes forward with the power of transnational networks and social media. The conventional CLOCK diplomacy is closed door, secretive, and limited to diplomats.