This paper offers the reader insight into the experience of bringing a trauma-informed yoga healing circle into the lives of displaced Afghan families living in a refugee camp in Greece. Offering a glimpse into the plight of forcibly displaced communities as they transition into refugee camps, living in a liminal state between a traumatic past and an uncertain future, they await their fate. The paper also illustrates how autoethnography can be used as a tool for critical self-reflection. Providing a unique and intimate glimpse into the author’s background as an Iranian-American woman. Carrying a situational identity between an “insider” and “outsider” within the camp she navigates a liminal state of her own she makes sense of her cultural identity while connecting with the Afghan refugee community. The intention of this paper is to (1) humanize the headlines around the unprecedented humanitarian crises (2) shed light onto the impact of yoga healing circles within a refugee community and (3) encourage the reader to incorporate yoga into their every day by practicing moments of pause and self-reflection.