D. S. Moskowitz discusses some personal and professional issues that she confronted early in her career. She then discusses her contribution to the resolution of the person-situation debate in personality psychology, commenting on her role in the better understanding of consistency and specificity. She also describes the development of two measures, the Social Behavior Inventory (SBI) and the Interpersonal Grid (IG). These measures permit the systematic sampling of person characteristics and situational characteristics in the interpersonal domain. She describes how most of her work has combined features of event contingent recording (ECR) with the SBI and the IG. She illustrates how the SBI, IG, and ECR have been useful in research on a variety of topics including the influences of tryptophan and paroxetine on interpersonal behavior and the influence of genetics on interpersonal behavior. Her interests have evolved from a better understanding of consistency and variability in behavior to the characterization of intra-individual variability. She concludes by describing some work on using the SBI and the IG in personality assessment.