This chapter starts with an exploration of what underpins a transpersonal approach to coaching supervision. The transpersonal approach to supervision is founded upon an inbuilt tendency towards healthy growth and fulfilment that is interdependent with our spiritual need for meaning and purpose and for service, with the well-being of others and with our cultural and historical context – including the social and environmental. It looks at the role of the coach supervisor in this context, and how the practitioner might prepare themselves to work congruently with the approach. Transpersonal supervision offers a container for thinking, a space for reflection. Like their clients, coaches need a place to step back, reflect and make sense. Emergence is a key feature of the transpersonal perspective, inviting the question ‘What is seeking to be born here, to emerge, to grow?’ Meaning-making provides the supervisee with a sense of purpose when their client work gets tough or seems to run into the sand. The chapter closes by looking at what else should be considered before working with the techniques, approaches, enquiries and experiments that follow. In this chapter there are ten ‘techniques’ written by five contributors.