This chapter starts with an exploration of what underpins an existential approach to coaching supervision. It explores the more mainstream perspective that supervision is often perceived as an act of ‘over-seeing’. From this standpoint, supervision emphasises notions of guiding, judging and/or interpreting from above. The author offers an alternative and complementary perspective for supervision, that of ‘seeing-over’ the practitioner’s work.

It looks at the role of the coach supervisor in this context, and how the practitioner might prepare themselves to work congruently with the approach. The approach requires a richly descriptive and phenomenological investigation as the means for reviewing (or seeing-over) the supervisee’s embodied stances as experienced within the coach: client work. Ultimately, existential coaching supervision is concerned with encouraging supervisees to embody the model they espouse. The chapter closes by looking at what else should be considered before working with the techniques, approaches, enquiries and experiments that follow. In this chapter there are five techniques written by five different contributors.