This chapter starts with an exploration of what underpins a Solution Focused approach to coaching supervision. It is described as a conversation-based model. The supervisor asks ‘invitational’ rather than ‘forensic’ questions. The purpose is not to aid the supervisor’s understanding, rather the intention is for the supervisee to hear their own answers. The Solution Focused language is designed to persuade clients that change is not only possible, but that it is already happening. It looks at the role of the coach supervisor in this context, and how the practitioner might prepare themselves to work congruently with the approach. Solution Focused coaching supervision is typically experienced by both parties as hard work. There are no easy answers or telling the supervisee what to do, equally it is experienced as empowering, enabling supervisees to find their own best ways. The process is content free and so can be used with supervisees working with a range of different models and theoretical persuasions. The chapter closes by looking at what else should be considered before working with the techniques, approaches, enquiries and experiments that follow. In this chapter there are six ‘techniques’ written by five different contributors.