This chapter starts with an exploration of what underpins a systemic approach to coaching supervision. Systemic supervision elicits and acknowledges invisible dynamics in systems. It illuminates hidden patterns, loyalties and entanglements that keep a system stuck and in its habit. As a result, paths towards restoring energy and flow in the system emerge. Systemic supervision allows both coach supervisor and supervisee to elegantly step back and move beyond stories, judgments and the need to be the expert. It looks at the role of the coach supervisor in this context, and how the practitioner might prepare themselves to work congruently with the approach. Systemic supervision often uses an embodied process like constellations, which enables supervisees to get a somatic, three-dimensional experience of their issue in the wider system. This may reveal fresh information that can be different from and sometimes contradictory to the information that arises by thinking or talking through an issue. The chapter closes by looking at what else should be considered before working with the techniques, approaches, enquiries and experiments that follow. In this chapter there are eight ‘techniques’ written by four different contributors.