This chapter provides an insight into the policing perspective of the Prevent strategy, where the main focus is on current terrorist threats to the UK and how these impact on the policing role in Prevent. The threats covered in the chapter includes the problem associated with extremists’ online activity, where the chapter cites how social media in particular can be exploited by extremists to draw people to their narrative. On this theme, the chapter examines the impact terrorist groups’ online magazines have in encouraging individuals to carry out terrorist attacks. Another threat covered in the chapter are how to deal with returnees from Syria/Iraq. The focus is not so much on returning Islamist fighters, but families and children and assessing how Prevent can assist them in settling down in the UK. The threat of the rise and the threat posed by extreme far-right groups (neo-Nazis) in the UK are assessed from a Prevent perspective. This chapter concludes with the emphasis on how Prevent’s main aim is in safeguarding individuals who are vulnerable to being drawn towards terrorism and how they can be helped via a multi-agency approach.