Desmond Morris equates a lack of fur with being naked and suggests this quality separates humans from the 192 other living species of simian. In ‘Dizzy’, the fifth episode of Season 2 of the animated sitcom Regular Show, the character Pops must make a speech to a public audience, a new experience for him. Pony play is a kind of zoomorphism in which humans adopt equine characteristics and comportment. In a complex practice such as pony play, zoomorphism seems to function in tandem with anthropomorphism at the level of nudity. Rousseau is namechecked by Derrida as part of a discussion of ‘autobiographical animals’. Pony play is heterogenous and can include the desire for objectification, exhibitionism, control, denial, and sex. Pony play as ontological questioning involves efforts to cast off human attributes and embrace equine ones. Pony play as an erotic practice has a long history.