The laziness of a summer day partakes of the mystic's illuminated senses. The mystic and the dreamer have much in common. The mystic enjoys the everyday world because its marvels fulfill her. The mystic lives in a palpable, sensuous world, which includes the body as a primary tool of dreaming. Experiencing everyday anything as a marvel, one does not linger in an experience in order to prolong its pleasures or discomforts or to agitate, vilify, or congratulate herself. Asclepius was the god of healing, medicine, and rejuvenation in ancient Greek religion. A drain is a tube used to remove fluids from a wound in order to avoid their accumulation and possible infection. The androgyne is a dream of completeness. It represents a psychological and spiritual wholeness in which man and woman, masculine and feminine combine in human being. A race of warrior women appears in ancient Greek legend as a vision of power.