Since the beginning of 19th century, family transition has been a prominent subject of discourse among sociologists, philosophers, and writers. One of the outcomes of such discourses has been envisioning scenarios of families of future, i.e., projecting what variations would unfold in terms of their structure and form. Though there are reviews about the broad changes that Indian families have gone through, not much contemplation has been done, in Indian context, to foresee what families will look like in future, say thirty years from hence considering the pace at which they are changing. In this chapter, we made a modest attempt at such an exercise essentially comprising of broad sociological imaginations not based on any statistical projections. We captured some scenarios of families of future in Indian context such as – elementary families with changes in interpersonal relationships, joint/extended families, transnational families, cohabitation families, childfree families, same-sex families, and so on. Next, we provided speculations about how they may impact the social and personal relationships including family policies in the next few decades.