The time when businesses single-mindedly pursue the financial bottom line is waning. More and more of today’s business leaders are pursuing growth, improving practices, and creating value for their organizations by leading in economically sound, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible ways. The United Nations Global Compact includes ten principles on human rights, labor, environment and anticorruption to guide businesses in incorporating sustainability practices throughout their organizations. Closely aligned with the UNGC principles are the Principles for Responsible Management Education, an initiative launched in 2007 under the auspices of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Beyond the Bottom Line explores the conceptual and practical issues relating to how responsible management practice can help address the social, environmental, and humanitarian impacts of business organizations. In addition to conceptual materials, this volume provides best practices and innovations on how to overcome practical challenges in communities, workplaces, and other organizational settings. The chapter also presents an overview of key concepts discussed in this book.