The Karmijn Kapitaal case is primarily focused on socially responsible decision-making when raising investment capital. It encourages debate around the responsibility that investment professionals have when accepting investment commitments from individuals. Hadewych, Cilian, and Desiree believed that investors should not place more funds with the firm than they could really afford to lose. In spite of a conviction that their investment strategy appropriately managed downside risk, the partners understood the risks inherent in private equity. While studying for her MBA at Harvard Business School Hadewych learned about private equity and discovered that hands-on role investors play in the sector appealed to her. Karmijn Kapitaal cofounder Desiree van Boxtel, a friend of Hadewych’s since their undergraduate university days, had extensive experience in private equity and entrepreneurship. With more than 20 years of private equity and commercial banking experience, including working with entrepreneurs and managing acquisitions, Cilian ended her banking career as executive vice president responsible for Rabobank’s large corporation lending division.