This chapter provides insight into gender-diversity programs and empowerment of female executives, as well as some concrete human resource tools. It analyzes how women can act as a driving force behind the economic, social, and environmental performance of an organization. The chapter explains by interviews with a few women managers in order to analyze their perspectives on the three dimensions of corporate sustainability based on an online survey of 25 female managers. It helps highly talented women to navigate more effectively through the “labyrinth” of leadership and to achieve their personal career goals and act as a role model to encourage talented young women to climb the career ladder. With approximately 181,000 employees worldwide, this multinational German company serves more than 80 million customers in about 70 countries. The organization signed the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in 2002, and the chapter highlights the implementation of UNGC Principle 6, showcasing how the organization is seriously committed to gender diversity.