Book Title - Learning to Teach Business in the Secondary School A Companion to School Experience 1st Edition

Chapter Author –Adam Unwin

Chapter Number & Title – chapter 9 Learning outside the classroom in business

This chapter concerns how pupils can learn about business outside the normal classroom/school setting. The term ‘learning outside the classroom’ (LOTC) is used to encapsulate the variety of non-classroom learning. The chapter considers theoretical and practical perspectives of LOTC. It uses a range of practical LOTC examples to illustrate how subject knowledge and active pedagogies can be developed. A central argument to the value of these types of learning is that we all live in a world where we have day-to-day interactions with business, society and the economy. Recognising and utilising this outside school resource potential can be a powerful way for pupil learning to be more meaningfully linked to their experiences. When designed carefully into schemes of work, LOTC activities can be special, motivating and memorable for pupils, as well as providing an underpinning point of reference to use in ongoing classroom teaching.