Book Title - Learning to Teach Business in the Secondary School A Companion to School Experience 1st Edition

Chapter Author – Alan Bright

Chapter Number & Title – chapter 11 Using digital technologies to support learning in business

This chapter discusses the use of digital technologies in the teaching of business in secondary schools. The focus is on how and why digital technology can be used to enhance learning in business. There is a tendency to assume that vocational qualifications in business use technology and that more traditional qualifications, such as GCSEs, do not, so the aim here is to highlight the benefits of using technology to all, regardless of the qualification type. This will include how pupils can use digital technologies and how teachers can more effectively plan for the use of digital technology in their teaching, presentation of information and assessments, as well as a range of administrative tasks. There is also a discussion on how teachers can better promote both pupils' online safety as well as their own, and also how they can effectively manage their pupils' use of digital technologies both at school and outside the classroom.