Book Title - Learning to Teach Business in the Secondary School A Companion to School Experience 1st Edition

Chapter Author –Joanne Bentham

Chapter Number & Title – chapter 12 Beyond your initial teacher education. The teacher as a researcher

Winch et al. (2015) suggest that teacher education must enable a positive relationship between educational research and teaching knowledge and practice, and this chapter addresses the significance of developing a teacher identity as a teacher researcher. It aims to encourage the newly qualified business teacher not only to maintain the impetus to pursue professional practice, in the day-to-day management of the classroom and subject content and its teaching, but also to remain engaged in the pedagogy and reflective practice that your initial teacher training has engendered. Through the review of recent literature, this chapter also encourages you to explore potential areas for research in your classroom practice, while considering how to overcome some of the challenges you face. It also sets out the importance of continuing professional development and planning that you could carry out, to effectively develop your research base.