Book Title - Learning to Teach Business in the Secondary School A Companion to School Experience 1st Edition

Chapter Author - Limara Pascall

Chapter Number & Title - chapter 2 Designing an effective business curriculum

This chapter aims to encourage beginning teachers of business to engage in debates around the aims and purpose of business as a secondary school subject. It delves into how the subject can be defined and the content that makes up business as an area of study. The purpose of this is to encourage beginning teachers to plan long-term business curriculums using schemes of work that are underpinned with clear aims and a purpose. Following this, a model for long-term planning is discussed, which is then related to how medium-term plans (units of work) and short-term plans (lesson plans) can be constructed. For each of these, the beginning teachers are prompted to engage in long-, medium- and short-term curriculum planning during their practical teaching placements so that they become familiar with the value and key features of each.