This chapter aims to observe the relationship between Dak’Art and salon Urbain de Douala (SUD), a triennial event dedicated to public art, promoted since 2007 by the cultural association Doual’art founded in 1991 in Cameroon. The Biennale of Dakar was established to promote the international visibility of contemporary African artists in general and Senegalese in particular, and their success on the art market. The Senegalese government has a central role in supporting and maintaining the Biennale of Dakar while fundraising with sponsors, agencies of cultural cooperation, the European Commission and international partners. The Secretary General of Dak’Art, Remi Sagna explained that the Biennale of Dakar has made hospitality its distinctive trait. The Biennale of Dakar allows attendees to enlarge their network, to collaborate and discuss; its context stimulates ideas and it facilitates the creation of new projects, as it did with Doual’art and the Salon Urbain de Douala–salon Urbain de Douala.