This chapter reviews the trajectory of the Rencontres-echanges in a double perspective. Art criticism and the art market are the subjects that permanently dominate the forum Rencontres-echanges of the Biennale of Dakar. The Biennale of Dakar has benefited from a frame of reflection which permitted to represent itself, to accompany in an epistemic procedure the ongoing artistic creation on the continent, and to situate this latter in the time of the world. In 1990, the Biennale of Dakar started as a multidisciplinary event around the theme Regards croises sur l’Afrique. Centred on Africa but very open to the world, the model of this edition strangely recalled the ambience of the large pan-African encounters, even in the spaces of critical reflection. The strong identification with the 1966 festival had led the Biennale of 1992 to focus on international expertise, to the detriment of African specialists.