This chapter explores the sources of women's uncertainty in a setting that has been compared to paradise. British people have been migrating to the Costa del Sol in increasing numbers since the 1960s, with vast numbers settling there during the 1980s. Television documentaries were based on 'the British in Spain'. By 1992 there was a soap opera, 'Eldorado', based on their imagined lifestyle. British migrants to Spain are as likely to be men as women. Women of all ages, 'married' and single, retired and working, have migrated to Spain, each with their own reasons for leaving Britain and each with their own set of experiences within Spain. British women in Spain generally enthuse positively about the quality of their new lifestyles. They seem eager to impress on the observer their delights with Spain, with the slow pace of life, the freedom from many social and physical restrictions associated with Britain, their new-found health and happiness.