This chapter focuses on field research of Albanian undocumented migrants in Athens and in particular of economic migrants, who arrived during the period 1991-1995, as part of cross-border interconnections and as part of the global–local expansion of the service sector and in particular of domestic and 'entertainment services'. It explains about women migrants who work in the sex industry, as part of a 'human landscape' which is constructed out of global economic interdependencies and out of the racialization of labour in Athens. The chapter discusses mechanisms employed to produce and maintain the marginal status of female Albanians in Greece. Examining female migration and its relationship to the sex industry, one has to analyse the dominant global work processes and tendencies, as well of the specific nature and patterns present in this specific type of work activity. Albanian women in prostitution have indirectly or directly gone through a series of exclusions prior to their 'arrival' in the Athenian sex industry.