This chapter reflects upon the author's past curatorial work within the arena of graffiti. Street art and graffiti’s status as ornament, as something that by its very nature was attached to a surface, affixed to the city, remained pivotal. Exploring the corporeal performativity of graffiti, its status as an act integrally located in the city, inherently in and of urban space, was key was to narrate its status, not simply as image but as action, not just as form but as practice. The focus on an increasing amount of ephemeral, active performances within Venturing Beyond was a choice from which a focus beyond the image, beyond fixity, could be initiated. The curatorial aim was not merely to show graffiti but to think through it, to explore its equally conceptual and material bases. Of course, modern graffiti had appeared in galleries and museums for many years – since almost its very genesis, in fact.