In this structuring fantasy, the body may be imprisoned, but through print media or communication technologies ideas can move where bodies cannot or achieve mobility in ways that are denied to bodies. The value placed on mobility in representations of subjectivity in cyberspace or new technologies is not new, then, but can be seen to be full articulation of something old: travel. Stone bases a kind of resistance or progressive practice on this notion of a cyborgian mobility that can be corporeal in its eroticism and disembodied as an articulation of specific technologies, arguing that ' arguing that' disembodied subjectivity messes with whereness. The deconstruction of the binary of mobility and location in discourses of communication and information technologies, especially in digital or internet transactions and processes, animates the question of embodiment in historically specific ways. Transnational subjects are produced through location as well as mobility, certainly, as national economies dictate who moves to obtain work and who stays put.