This chapter examines various human–nonhuman primate interconnections with a focus on those best seen as involving domesticatory practices. The macaques are protected when in and around the temple site and the humans gain substantial financial benefit from the monkeys’ presence through tourism. The existence of the primatewide trends in both morphology and behavior suggest the possibility that interconnections between humans and other primate species may differ from those between humans and other mammals. The “captive” are interconnections characterized by allopatric situations in which no free-ranging nonhuman primates overlap with human zones. Nonhuman primates are also used as economic tools in South, Southeast, and Northeast Asia. Monkey performance is a blend of the economic and social inclusion Monkey performances include a variety of theatrical performances by trained macaques, in which the monkeys mimic human cultural behavior via a series of staged interactions with their trainer, the audience, and other monkeys.