This chapter explores how the Internet serves as a medium that creates new ideological hybridities between diaspora Hindutva and the radical right in Western societies. With the former manifested as cyber-Hindutva, this builds on a legacy of diaspora Hindutva organisations in the United Kingdom and United States. These organisations, which have flourished under multicultural policies, reinforce the narrative that Muslims are ‘unassimilable’ vis-à-vis Hindus as ‘well-integrated’. Given the Islamophobic sentiment of diaspora Hindutva, a lacuna exists in whether this translates into support for the Western radical right. This is consequently explored in the Republican Hindu Coalition-sponsored Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar campaign. It is then supplemented by a year-long qualitative study of Hindu diaspora Twitter users in the United Kingdom and United States who support the radical-right agendas of Brexit and Trump. This entanglement marks a new transition in Hindu diaspora political integration.