This chapter examines the nature of the activities of the wealthy and influential Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Gupta family and its consequences for political integration of People of Indian Origin (PIO) of indentured stock in South Africa. More specifically, the focus of this chapter is on the controversies associated with the landing of the Gupta-chartered civilian Jet Airways airplane at the Waterkloof Military Air Force Base in Pretoria in April–May 2013. The chapter also reflects on the longer-term consequences for PIOs of the activities of NRIs and especially the political implications for South African Indians and local Indo-African relations. A key contention in the chapter is that the fall-out from this incident inflamed racial tensions, with some Africans referring pejoratively to PIOs as “Guptas”, and undermined political integration and cohesion, with suggestions that Persons of Indian Origin born in South Africa should return to India. Racism continues to bedevil South Africa 25 years after the historic democratic elections.