This chapter presents an overview of the most important trends and megatrends in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector in order to identify and detail the issues and challenges that Eurotech is facing. The ICT sector is definitely a context where acceleration, interconnection and discontinuity are ever-present conditions that have to be dealt with on an on-going basis. In such a changing and uncertain situation, the resource of information has been taking on a more and more essential role both in the lives of men and in the strategies of organizations. Humanity has travelled a long road from the first stone artifacts to complex microcircuits able to transfer information. From a technological point of view, the 21st century can be seen as the century of the advent and spread of electronics, information and communication. In the field of information and communication technology, trends are dictated by four laws: Negroponte's law, Moore’s law, Metcalfe’s law, and Gilder’s law.