This chapter focuses on the application of proposed methodology of future coverage to the Eurotech case study. Coherence has been assessed between trends and vision, between vision and products, and between trends and products. Eurotech's research and development focuses on two main areas. They are: pervasive embedded computers for the Internet of Things, with special attention to wearable computers; and green supercomputing, with the objective of creating large Cloud computing data centers collecting and processing data coming from all the computers connected on the Internet. In the Eurotech case study, the comparison between megatrends and vision has revealed a substantial consistency of the corporate vision with the industry megatrends. The internal alignment analysis considers the vision and the products. For Eurotech, this analysis indicates substantial coherence. The trends/products coherence analysis confirms that Eurotech is an innovative company; its vision and products are aligned and coherent with the direction of trends in the Information and Communications Technology industry.