Chapter 5 turns to one of the latest developments in TPRS: libel lawsuits and organizational responses to negative reviews. As organizations attempt to take back control from TPRS, some turn to suing users who post negative reviews, alleging they are false or libelous. In one highly publicized case, a couple posted negative reviews about their wedding photographer after a $ 125 charge. The photographer sued for the libelous and false reviews and was awarded $1 million in damages by a California jury. The chapter introduces this case study to examine how organizations respond to negative or false reviews. It also re-introduces digital dialogic communication (from Chapter 4) to illustrate other ways that organizations can use the benefits of neoliberal public relations on TPRS without legal action. The chapter also juxtaposes “free speech” with the review economy, giving attention to international considerations of what is acceptable or unacceptable digital behavior.