This chapter takes its point of departure in the ongoing research project: ARTlife: Articulations of Life among Afghans in Denmark’ and its experiments with co-generating spaces of articulation beyond the verbal and that which can be grasped within conventional academic discourse. Gregory Bateson advocated remaining systematic and rigorous in working open-ended with no narrowly predefined goal. Eduardo Kohn, inspired by Bateson, suggests an anthropological thinking that is isomorphic, that is, corresponding or similar in form and relations. The inaugural workshop was held at the home of visual anthropologist Sine Plambech and film director Janus Metz. Sine has worked with representing women, migration and everyday life. Janus has directed an award-winning film on Danish military involvement in Afghanistan, following young Danish soldiers deployed to the Helmand province. These spaces and people were chosen carefully, seeking to be clear about the author's ‘politics of inviting’.